Flensburg is analogous

a few days ago I packed the bag with a few rolls of film. Two to flensburg germany. got these pictures out of it. A few Ektar 100 film with and I can say it. it's probably one of the beste film I shot with. remember to look on instagram - www.instagram.com/pawfriis/

A few shots from the last film

Canon AT-1 Ektar 100

The last shot this year 2016

For some weeks ago called Sofie to me and I was ready to make a series together she had some super cool girls. and I could not say no to. I shot digital and analog on the day. but this series with Anna Moller is only Analog, Love it. And I would be delighted to shoot many analog film in the new year.

Model : Anna Møller Levsen - Le Management
Styling and Director : Sofie Thuesen Broeng

Sarah Amstrup

 Sarah Amstrup Part 2
 Shot with my Canon AT-1 film Ektar 100 And two images are shot with Canon 5Ds

I'm really starting to just shoot with my analog camera. there's just something about it. am looking to shoot more in the new year 2017

Makeup & hair by Mille Erikstrup

Styling : Nanna Etoile

See more of my work at - www.pawfriis.com 

Sarah Amstrup Shot with my Yashica T5

This series I've shot with analog. see more of my work at - www.pawfriis.com 

New series with Rinor Gashi

 Shot this series with Canon AT-1 fujifilm ISO400, Canon 5DII, YASHICA T5. Haircut - Kevin Birk